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Inspired by New York. Made in Britain - with LOVE!

All our sausages are made locally using only high quality ingredients and proper meat, without gluten or bulking agents - so you’ll get none of the nasty bits you’ll find in other sausages. We use free-range pork, prime beef, and our pillowy buns come fresh from a local family bakers. Top it all off with our Desireed onions, pickles, krauts and relishes and after one happy chomp you’ll see why we call them Sausages That Make You Smile! To find out where to get some, follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or drop us an email

“The Dogs are the best in Britain – no question” Giles Coren, The Times – 7.5/10”


8 inches of all-natural Polish-recipe sausage, packed with chunks of prime pork​ ​and seasoned with paprika & black pepper. At almost 1/5th​ ​of a Kilo, it must be Britain's meatiest sausage!


A coarsely ground blend of pork and beef, our signature sausage is seasoned with marjoram, garlic and black pepper before being double-smoked over German beech wood. Big enough to keep even Westwood quiet.


All beef, and all tasty, The Pimp Steak smacks you in the kisser with a healthy punch of garlic, paprika and black pepper. Once we've pimped your dog, you'll never look back.


Our extra large gourmet frankfurter is a real mouthful. 100% pork, oak smoked and seasoned with paprika, nutmeg and black pepper, we think it's the best tasting frank this side of the pond.


Like his dad, Frank Jr is a 100% pork, oak smoked Frankfurter seasoned with paprika, nutmeg and black pepper, he's just a bit smaller. But don't mention it, or he'll get a complex.

Scrumptious TOPPINGS

Top your dog with Desiréed onions fried in butter, thyme and black pepper. Round it​ ​all off with our specially selected krauts, pickles, relishes and condiments.